What is your routine telling you?

Howz. Taking the crisis out of ageing.

When we are older health problems often can lead to a change in routine.

We might start getting up later than usual.  We might go out less frequently.  These small changes can go unnoticed – especially when we live alone.

We need a way of noticing these signals that’s not obtrusive; that’s simple and secure to use and private.

That’s why we invented Howz

Howz uses easy to fit sensors.

It measures use of appliances, doors and motion and learns events in your day.

Howz quickly learns your routine.

You get up in the morning, make coffee and toast and go out.

Howz notices if something doesn’t look right.

It might be longer than usual since you have been active.

Howz watches your home when you are away.

In ‘away from home’ mode Howz will let you know immediately if any of the sensors are activated.

You can access Howz via mobile, web or Alexa

You choose who you want to share the information with – if anyone.

You can switch off information sharing anytime.

What’s in the box


The hub is used to collect the information from the sensors via radio signals, and then share the information with Howz via the internet.  The hub does require a wired connection to the internet in order to work.

Door Sensor

The door sensor comes in 2 parts with one part on the frame and the other on the door itself.  It will record door opening and closing and post these messages on your Howz timeline.  It is really quick and easy to fit with simple adhesive pads.

Motion sensor

The movement sensor detects movement that passes in front of the unit using a passive infra red sensor.  This does not record images or even the direction of travel, it simply creates a message on the timeline when movement is detected.  Best placed in a transitional area such as the hallway or landing.

Smart socket

The smart socket will create a message on the Howz timeline every time you use a device in that socket.  For Howz we are looking for events that mean you are up and about so this will only work on high voltage devices such as the kettle, microwave or toaster.  You can place it on a multi-use socket to detect irons, hairdryers, or vacuum cleaners.

What our customers say

Howz has helped me learn about mum’s routine, and gives me peace of mind on a daily basis.

The app is really easy to use!

Viv, Trafford

I forget the sensors are there!  It is nice to have the reassurance that someone is looking out for me.

Annette, Timperley

Howz means we can carry on working and manage dad’s care.  Knowing the last activity and seeing changes is invaluable for us.

Chris, Poole

What drives us

‘I want to radically change the way we approach old age’

‘Give it a try!’

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