Safe, Well and Connected

Supporting Independent Living, giving families peace of mind


Louise Rogerson and her mum Hazel. 

Safe, Well and Connected

Supporting Independent Living, giving families peace of mind


Dr Ilan Lieberman and his dad, Professor Lieberman.

In the UK 3 million of us juggle paid work with caring responsibilities. One in six people give up work to care – a real loss to both employees and families.*

*Source: ‘Caring At A Distance” Nomura/Carers UK 2011

Wish us luck!  We present to the Grand Jury tomorrow morning!

About Howz

Peace of mind when you can't be there For many more, our dilemma is keeping a check on our relatives when we live many miles away.  Howz provides a simple and unobtrusive solution: a clever, flexible set of monitoring devices that feed into an app describing daily routine. Click here for more.


Know that the front door is closed when it should be


A big worry is going out of the house at unusual times.  Our door sensor can let others know when the front door opens or closes.  This can also be a great way of providing reassurance that knowing that visitors such as care workers do turn up when they are supposed to.


Know that the home is a comfortable temperature


In 2016 it is estimated that 9,000 elderly people died as a result of cold homes.  Even those that can afford their heating turn it down because they are worried about paying their bills. Our multi-sensor continually measures temperature and light levels.


Know your relative is following their daily routine


The information from sensors is pulled together to describe daily routine in the home. Our system can then detect changes in this routine.


See realtime updates on our app


Our iOS and Android app will notify you if something needs looking into. Alternatively you can check it at any time to see when activity was last recorded or for example the temperature in the living room.

Who’s talking about howz?

Howz has helped me learn about mum’s routine, and gives me peace of mind on a daily basis.

The app is really easy to use!

Viv, Trafford

I forget the sensors are there!  It is nice to have the reassurance that someone is looking out for me.

Annette, Timperley

Howz means we can carry on working and manage dad’s care.  Knowing the last activity and seeing changes is invaluable for us.

Chris, Poole


Starter Pack


  • hub
  • electricity sensor
  • movement sensor (not shown)
  • door sensor
  • batteries, power supplies, cables
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