Safe, Well and Connected

Supporting Independent Living, giving families peace of mind



Louise Rogerson and her mum Hazel. 

Safe, Well and Connected

Supporting Independent Living, giving families peace of mind



Dr Ilan Lieberman and his dad, Professor Lieberman.

In the UK 3 million of us juggle paid work with caring responsibilities. One in six people give up work to care – a real loss to both employees and families.*

*Source: ‘Caring At A Distance’ Nomura/Carers UK 2011

Howz has helped me learn about mum’s routine, and gives me peace of mind on a daily basis.

The app is really easy to use!

Viv, Trafford

I forget the sensors are there!  It is nice to have the reassurance that someone is looking out for me.

Annette, Timperley

Howz means we can carry on working and manage dad’s care.  Knowing the last activity and seeing changes is invaluable for us.

Chris, Poole

Who’s talking about Howz?

What is Howz?


The hub is used to collect the information from the sensors via radio signals, and then share the information with Howz via the internet.  The hub does require a wired connection to the internet in order to work.

Door Sensor

The door sensor comes in 2 parts with one part on the frame and the other on the door itself.  It will record door opening and closing and post these messages on your Howz timeline.  It is really quick and easy to fit with simple adhesive pads.


The movement sensor detects movement that passes in front of the unit using a passive infra red sensor.  This does not record images or even the direction of travel, it simply creates a message on the timeline when movement is detected.  Best placed in a transitional area such as the hallway or landing.


The smart socket will create a message on the Howz timeline every time you use a device in that socket.  For Howz we are looking for events that mean you are up and about so this will only work on high voltage devices such as the kettle, microwave or toaster.  You can place it on a multi-use socket to detect irons, hairdryers, or vacuum cleaners.

How does it work?


  • You decide where to fit the sensors, we can advise on this if required.
  • Daily activity data will be collected via the sensors and shared with Howz.
  • Howz analyse the information to learn your routine and detect changes.

How do I use it?


  • Review your routine via the app or the website
  • Receive alerts where there has been a change in routine
  • Share your information with people you care about and who care about you!