Yesterday, I joined Lynne Bax and Will Sullivan of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust at their community group in Blackburn.  This group of patients with lung conditions and their carers meet on a monthly basis to participate in exercises and education sessions to help with their ongoing disease management.  We were there to present the How are you today?® COPD app and test the end-user experience of the app with a new group.

It was a surprise to see so many in the room.  We had 20 people who were interested to see what we were doing.  We did a quick review of the attendees:

  • 2 were aged over 80, 11 were between 70 and 80, and 7 were under 70
  • 16 had COPD, 4 had asthma
  • 4 were carers of someone with COPD
  • 9 had access to the internet at home
  • 8 had a tablet device, 6 had a smart phone, and 19 had a mobile phone, only one person had nothing

We then split into groups and each group had a go at navigating the app with the facilitator observing to see where people had difficulty or where they needed prompts.  We are now updating the supporting website to accommodate these requirements.  Getting the tone of the advice right is a challenge, but the group were quite clear that they were not patronised by our level of information and they found it much less intimidating than they thought it would be.  We now have 4 of the group going through the full registration process on their own to see how they get on – watch this space!