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The starter kit is our recommended option to introduce howz to your home.  The sensors will report use of appliances, movement, and door opening and closing.  Additional sensors can be purchased if needed.  The kit comes with full instructions to access your monitoring account and help with installing and naming your sensors on  The use of adhesive pads makes installation quick and easy.  If you need any help with installation please get in touch.

This purchase covers the first month of your service, we will email you within 7 days to set up a Direct Debit to collect this monthly fee of £6 per month (inc VAT).

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Our starter kit includes the sensors you need to let you know about your routine and share this with your family.  The kit contains:

  • 2 smart sockets – detect use of devices, best used on appliances such as kettles, microwaves, toasters.
  • 1 movement sensor – detects movement past the sensor, best placed in a transitional area such as the hall
  • 1 door sensor – detects door opening and closing – best placed on the main entrance door for the property
  • 1 hub to collect and transmit the information to the app via ethernet connection to internet



movement sensor -L30mm x W40mm x D10mm
door sensor – L66mm x W24mm x D20mm
door sensor magnet – L58mm x W12mm x D12mm
hub – L75mm x W75mm x D24mm
All batteries, cables, and fixings are included in the kit.

Hub Technical specification Energenie Model  MIH0001


Transmission frequency: 434.3000 MHz Power: AC/DC
Input voltage: 5VDC Input current: 150mA max
Power connection: micro USB Location: Indoor use only
Ethernet connection: RJ45: Standby Power: 0.3W

The hub is manufactured by Energenie

PIR Technical Specification Energenie Product code: MIHO032

Detection: Body heat via Passive Infrafed (PIR) Protocol: Openthings (One Way)
Sensitivity: Link setting 1-2 bridged; high; Link setting 2-3 bridged: low Output messages: Join, motion detected, no motion, , low battery warning
Detector range: 2.5m at a mounting height of 2.3m Storage Temperature: -30°C to +70°C
Power supply: 1.5V(AAA alkaline battery) Transmission range: 30m+ (open space)
Battery life: 1 year – assuming 50 actions per day Mounting height: Suggested 2.3m
Operating temperature: 10°C to +35°C Initialisation: 30 secs warm up after battery inserted
Radio: 434.3 MHz, FSK LED lamp: Red Blink = motion detected

                  Red blink twice = motion detected and message sent to network

The PIR is manufactured by Energenie.

Door Sensor Technical Specification
 Energenie Product Code: MIH00033

Power supply: 1.5V(AAA alkaline battery) Storage Temperature: -30°C to +70°C
Battery life: 1 year – assuming 50 actions per day Transmission range: 30m+ (open space)
Operating temperature: 10°C to +35°C

Radio: 434.3 MHz, FSK

Mounting: Door or window frame, cw screws and mounting  


Protocol: Openthings (One Way) LED lamp: Red blink = open detected

                  Red blink twice = open detected and message sent to hub

Output messages: Join, open, close

The door sensor is manufactured by Energenie


Smart Socket Technical Specification – Energenie Product Code: MIH0004


Maximum load: 3000W Transmission frequency: 434.300 MHz
Maximum current: 13A Protocol: OpenThings (16663DOC14)
Voltage range: 230-250V 50Hz-ac Plug & socket: BS-5733 + the relevant clauses of BS 1363
Location: Indoor use only Plug adapter housing in UK format to BS1363

The smart socket is manufactured by Energenie


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