Good afternoon, I’m Jonathan Burr, CEO and Founder of Howz.  

There are more than 2m over 75’s who live on their own in this country.  The problem we are solving is how to identify those whose health is at risk and acting before it is too late.  

Howz is about people like Margaret here.  I know what you are thinking. Margaret may look OK to you but actually she has dementia like almost 46m others in the world.  She wants to stay independent but her family who don’t live nearby are increasingly concerned about her.  Our solution is to tap into the firehose of data created by the Connected Home and the Internet of Things.  For example by 2020 every UK home will have a smart meter.

But we are not waiting until then.  Take one of our users, Joan.  She is 75, lives alone in Manchester and suffers from MS.  Howz measures her usage of electricity and understands her routine from her usage of everyday electrical objects; Howz knows whenever she uses her stairlift, something she can’t live without; Howz knows her house is warm.  Howz will tell her family if something hasn’t happened when it should or vice versa; or if there is a trend which needs looking into.  Joan told us “I pretty much forgot the system was in place but knowing that me getting my breakfast let’s my family know I’m ok has made me come downstairs earlier and I feel a lot better for it.”


When Howz spots something unusual it nudges the family or carers to seek help.  It’s this way of applying predictive analytics that the family can become the eyes and ears of the NHS, helping them find those people where prevention is better than admission.  Helping them tackle their £30bn funding gap.

Because typically the NHS finds out about how Joan is when it is too late.  When she is in A&E for something that could have been avoided.  Like fractures from falls which cost the NHS £2bn a year.  Or health issues from cold homes which cost the NHS £1.4bn a year.   Because if it is six months since Joan last saw her doctor how would he have any idea she has been going downhill since then?  

I am sure there are those of you here that have a Joan in their family.  For you we have a B2C model where we charge a family just £200 to include the hardware and a year’s subscription.  We also have a B2B model for social housing and NHS providers.  Today we have 2 asks.  First, we would like to talk to a pharma company with products for treating long term conditions.  Second we want new partnerships with energy utilities.  

Finally, please join Howz so that we can together make this a country where prevention really is better than admission.  Thank you.