Howz is supporting the NHS 5 year Forward View


Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

How are you today? COPD

The respiratory team from Lancashire Care Foundation Trust have used “how are you today?” as a paper based system to promote daily tracking of COPD symptoms and associated management – now we have turned this into an app.  Lynne Bax and Will Sullivan in partnership with Lancashire Care Foundation Trust have developed a successful paper system to enable patients to track their symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and activate their plan if symptoms worsen.   They wanted to make use of mobile technology to provide this system on an app and enable the clinical team to view the daily reports.

We have taken the principle functions of the paper system and ensured these remain as easy to use as possible within an online app format.  We have added in the Howz principle functions of enabling patients to invite others to share their plan, and to securely connect messaging between the patient, their connected people, and the clinical team.  The app enables quick and easy checks whilst incorporating the individual’s action plan in response to changes in symptoms.  The app will be accessed after introduction from the respiratory team.  One of our service users at a recent development workshop said “this is much easier than paper!”

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The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

How are you today? prostate and haematological cancer

The Christie were interested in using the how are you today? app format for their patients.  We have been working with their clinical teams and patients to develop the content for prostate and more recently haematological cancer.  This project is in the early phases of testing with patients.

The flexibility of our app means that a new version of the app can be created relatively quickly and at a low cost.  We have developed a process that ensures clinicians, patients, and carers are engaged with development of the questions and responses and our support service helps those who need technical advice on downloading and using an app.

If you want to learn more about these apps or the potential to develop your own how are you today? please contact us.

NHS Trafford CCG

Advance Plans in the Community

Howz was commissioned to develop and provide it’s digital platform to care homes across Trafford and support homes to use the system effectively. The Howz system comprises a web portal designed for tablet devices providing access to the full range of assessment and advance planning tools with integrated education, and a secure NHS connection to enable data to be shared securely with GPs and other NHS providers.

The content was shaped to align with the Six Steps Programme delivered by St Ann’s Hospice.

Royal Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Early Years Staged Assessment Platform

We provide a secure NHS web based platform to capture and record the staged assessments carried out by health visitors, and analytics to enable the interrogation of this data for strategic evaluation and planning.  We worked closely with the AGMA Early Years team as they developed the minimum dataset to ensure that the information was accurately captured and yet easily accessed for the assessor with the family. The Health Visitor teams in Bolton shared insights into the real life application of the system which have been incorporated into the development.

The system is now in use across Bolton capturing assessments for the children in their area, and receiving information uploads of child demographics from the local trust to streamline the process. We are now exploring the analytic opportunities for the dataset in collaboration with Bolton NHS FT and the Council.  The analytics are demonstrating significant insight into the complexities of lifestyle influence for these children.


Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Technology Integrated Health Management - NHS Testbed IoT for people with dementia

Howz’s role in the Internet of Things Test Bed, led by Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, is to provide the use of Howz, an system developed predominantly for elderly people, typically living alone. By analysing energy usage and data from sensors that track heat, light and movement it is a way of non-invasively understanding a person’s daily routine. The data is fed into live updates within the Howz app interface, notifying the clinical research team of any abnormalities that may indicate that a problem has arisen.

This project will see 350 people with dementia recruited for home monitoring including the Howz system.  Howz is working alongside other innovators to support the NHS and the University of Surrey in delivering this exciting opportunity.

Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network

Howz for Stroke Survivors

The aim of this GMAHSN funded research project which is a collaboration with University of Manchester’s Professor Sarah Tyson is to test the feasibility of the Howz system as a tool to reduce social isolation and the risk of physical decline in one of the UK’s most common disabling conditions, stroke.

The research team are looking for stroke survivors currently living alone in the Greater Manchester area to participate in this groundbreaking research project from July 2016.

The study will test whether Howz enables stroke survivors to monitor their daily activity, as well as identify and deal with potential problems. It will also deliver further insight into the usability of the product, and recommendations for future developments, research and routes to market.

It is hoped that Howz will provide peace of mind for the user and their carer (or nominated contact person), support self-management, boost self-confidence and facilitate social connections to reduce social isolation.

Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance

Supporting frail and older people living with long term conditions - NHS Test Bed

The Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance (LCIA) is a collaborative hosted by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation and includes Lancaster Health Hub, the two Lancashire vanguard areas; Fylde Coast vanguard and Better Care Together as well as Lancaster University and the Innovation Agency.

The Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance (LCIA) Test Bed programme is a joint project which, over a 2 year period, will look at a combination of innovative technologies and practices aimed at supporting frail and older people living with long term conditions such as diabetes and COPD and/or people with a mild to moderate dementia diagnosis to remain well in the community to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.  This new model of care is designed to help older people to monitor their own health conditions at home using technology and with the support of local care teams.  How are you today? COPD is one of the products used for those with mild COPD and is now registering patients as part of the project.


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

The Guardian Angel Project

The Guardian Angel Project will build a digital technology support system to enable older residents of Salford to live safely in their own homes for longer.  The support system will incorporate Howz alongside other technologies within 128 homes in Salford.

This project aims to significantly reduce healthcare costs by decreasing GP visits, hospital admissions, and delaying transition to residential care.  The integrated electronic health record will be utilised to store longitudinal health outcomes.