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Howz: we make it simple to keep connected

All of us would like to remain living independently in our own home for as long as it’s safe and sensible to do so.

But inevitably, as we get older, health and mobility problems can make that increasingly difficult. Our sight and hearing may deteriorate. Getting about our home becomes less easy – and even dangerous: around 30% of over 65s living at home experience at least one fall a year.

Around 800,000 of us live with dementia – many still in our own home and living alone, or with a partner who also has health problems.

Meanwhile, the level of care we can expect from our local authority is constantly reducing, while bought-in care services are not only costly… but carers can only be there for so much time in a day.

So the responsibility of caring for older relatives now falls increasingly on the shoulders of the family. And all of us do what we can.

The more we can keep connected with our family the better, checking on their wellbeing, making sure they are safe, secure and keeping warm… but it’s rarely that simple.

All of us have other responsibilities. Many live a distance away. But if we can’t be there all the time in person, we can check in with our relative using technology.

Howz is the latest generation approach: an interlinking series of monitors around the home that will unobtrusively and constantly check for changes in a person’s normal routine… making sure that they have got up at the usual time, haven’t left the front door open, been up in the night and so on.

Howz designs and installs monitoring equipment around the person’s real needs. And if those needs change, more monitors can be added. Alerts are sent to selected members of the family, friends or neighbours, and that allows you to telephone or visit to ensure all is well.

It means peace of mind for you and your relative.