Digital healthcare company Intelesant has been commissioned for the second year running to provide its innovative digital platform, Early Years, to health visitors from Bolton NHS Foundation Trust to support their assessment process for families and children in the region.

The platform was developed in collaboration with partners from Manchester City Council, Bolton Council and the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities as part of their work to improve pathways for 0-5 year olds.

The platform enables health visitors to record assessments quickly and easily without the need for paper forms, and the platform is designed to work with mobile devices such as tablets as well as on their desktop computers.

“Staff find the system really efficient and user friendly, and as the Matron the reports offer an unprecedented level of feedback on outcomes both at child and population level,” said Joanne Dorsman from Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

In addition, the digital healthcare company, Intelesant, will provide reports that can be used by both health and social care teams to help them better understand needs in their area and the impact of services provided.

“Analysing assessment data for children in their early years remains a priority to help us understand the developmental needs of children before they arrive at an early education provider or school and make sure they get the help they need. In 2015, as part of our Public Service Reform work of Early Years, we trialed the use of Intelesant data to enable Health Visitors to collect child development assessment data using tablet technology. Anecdotal feedback has been extremely positive from staff, and initial reports appear to provide a promising insight into the development needs of the children in our borough,” commented John McSwiggan on behalf of Bolton Council.

The platform is available through the NHS N3 network which gives users the assurance that the information is being transferred and stored securely.

Jonathan Burr, CEO of Intelesant, said: “We have worked closely with commissioners and frontline staff to create something that is both user-friendly and supports strategic planning in the most efficient way.  We are delighted to be working with Bolton again this year.”