How it Works

Howz measures a household’s usage of electricity to work out when different appliances are being used. It combines this with information from sensors that detect door opening and closing and movement. You receive the information in the Howz app with relevant tips from our health care professionals. The information can also be shared with other members of the family.

Howz will help you better understand your relative’s daily routine. It can help you identify changes that you might not have noticed or realised might be significant before they become a real problem.

Howz is not an alarm system. It simply sends messages when there has been a significant change in your routine.

Howz will not invade your relative’s privacy. There is no video recording and you control what information is collected and shared.

Howz will not affect your relative’s electricity usage, costs, or meter reading.


We recommend installation* by our team of trained staff who can support you and your relative to ensure the sensor location is the most effective to address your needs. The kit itself is easy to install and can be done very quickly.  Click here for our trouble shooting guide or contact us on 0161 226 5353 to ask any questions.

*If you are part of a trial installation may be different from that described here

In the box

howz-20oct2016-325howz-20oct2016-315You will receive the equipment all ready to be installed with the sensors labelled according to their agreed location and connected to the hub and app.  The box includes all batteries and cables you require to get you started.

The hub

howz-20oct2016-258The hub needs to be connected to a power socket and into your internet router.  The hub will pick up all the information from the sensors and send it to us via the internet.

The electricity clamp

howz-20oct2016-278You do not need an electrician to attach the clamp.  Simply place the clip around the live input cable to your electricity meter and plug the clip cable into the transmitter box which is then left in your meter cupboard.  If you have an existing clamp for energy monitoring, the howz clamp can work alongside this device.

The door sensor

howz-20oct2016-303The door sensor will record each time the door is open or closed.  The sensor can be attached with adhesive strips with the larger section on the door and the thinner section on the door frame.

The movement sensor

howz-20oct2016-296The movement sensor will detect motion in an arc around the sensor.  They are best placed just above head height in a place where there will be most movement between rooms such as the hallway or landing.

The App

Our howz app is available for android and iOS.  The app is easy to navigate, but here are some key features.  Contact us if you would like to add someone to view your information via the app*

*Access to the app may vary for trials, please see your information sheet for details


Logging into the app

We provide a username and password for the first time you open the app.  The app will be paired with the account you are linked with.  Simply contact us and we will take you through the steps to enable this access.

The timeline

howztimeline20161123The first tab is the timeline which shows the events from the home in time order.  The wheel at the top will show you when the last activity was detected.  If there is an alert in the system, this wheel will turn amber and the number of alerts will display.  Simply press the wheel to view the alerts and mark them as read.  Where an appliance has been used, help teach our system by pressing on this message and follow the steps to identify the appliance.

The room view

screenshot_2016-11-28-10-09-25The  middle tab is our room view.  Here you can quickly which sensors are active and what their current status is.

The information tab

screenshot_20161129-101523The third tab displays our tip of the day, an overview of today’s activity, and the settings for the alerts for the user.  The alerts will be set to our standard times initially, but after 7 days we will set these alerts according to the routine that howz has learned.  The howz team will contact the user or their relative to check these alerts are right for them.  In future releases this will be all done via the app.