On the 12th January I went to Burnage to meet with the inspirational ladies at My Community UK (mycommunityuk.org).  The group were very interested in the identification of frailty and shared their experiences of frailty within their community.  We had a good chat about capacity, and what that means in practice.

Everyone had a go at carrying out a frailty assessment using our online tool, which they found easy to use.  The group are going to help us create a leaflet that works for their community with a focus on encouraging independence without causing offence.  We are also going to work on the addition of our voice prompts in Urdu and Arabic.

This group were the first to review my video clips for the frailty project website, thankfully everyone was very kind with their feedback!

We have agreed that the next steps are to work on the culturally sensitive translation of the questions and advice, and then to use the frailty checkup with their over-50’s drop in session for ladies in the local community.

A huge thank you to everyone in the group for their honest and open contributions today, and especially to Tazeem for organising the day with Simon from Manchester Carers Forum.  I look forward to working with them closely in the future.