See answers to the most common questions here. Contact us if you would like to ask anything further.
Do I have to set up the system in my house?

Yes, Howz is a self-install system.  Installation takes about half an hour, you register on my.howz.com, pair your sensors for your site, then fix your sensors.  The sensors are all wireless and are attached with adhesive pads supplied with the kit.  We are on hand to give advice over the phone if you need more help.  The website includes videos to help you.

If self-installation isn’t possible, please call us and we will talk about other options.

How many sensors can I add?

You can add up to 10 sensors

What if I decide to have a lie in – will that create an alert?

If no sensors are activated at home by the expected time an alert will be created, but the first movement later in the day will stop any further alerts being created about inactivity.

What happens if there is a power cut?

The system cannot work without power, but the app will alert you that the system has stopped.  Once the power comes back on it is important that you disconnect your hub from the internet router and reconnect it again to restart the system. it will take a few minutes for the system to reboot.

Can I add sensors from other companies?

Yes, we are currently working with 2 main sensor providers but we will work with others to bring them into the system

How long do the batteries last in the various sensors?

Batteries should last 1 year.

How do I change the batteries?

The detailed instructions will be included in the kit, but they are easy to do

Where is the best place to put the sensors?

The sensor location depends on what your daily routine is and what any concerns are.  As a standard we recommend the door sensor is used on the main entrance/exit to the property and the multisensor in the lounge.  Full instructions are provided with the kit.

Is my information safe?

Yes, all identifiable information is stored securely with encryption.  We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and comply with all principles of data protection.  All staff are trained in confidentiality and information security.

Will you sell my details to anyone else?

We will never sell your details to anyone else.

Can I control who sees my data?

Yes, you control access to the app. If you want to remove someone from seeing your data, contact us and we can disable that account.

Can I switch it off?

Yes, unplugging the system at any time will stop the system working, and contact us to disable the app.  If you are going away temporarily, let us know and we will stop the alert messages whilst you are away.

Will there be recordings of me at home?

No, there is no video recording of you in the home.  The information from the sensors is stored by Howz to allow us to share this with you on the app or website and to support the alerts for changes in routine

What happens if there is an alert?

A message will appear on the timeline in the phone app shared with your contacts.  There will be no alarm raised and no one from Howz will make contact.

Do I have to set the alerts?

No, Howz learns your individual routine and will suggest alert settings that work for you.  If you want them adjusted just let us know.  Soon, this will all be possible through the app.

Do I need a broadband connection?

The hub requires a wired connection to the internet.  This can be via a broadband connection or SIM based router in the home.